Cops: Man kills wife, posts photo of body

Derek Medina posts apparent confession, picture of body to Facebook


SOUTH MIAMI, Fla. – A man is accused of killing his wife Thursday morning, then posting an apparent confession and picture of her body on Facebook.

According to police, the man drove to the South Miami Police Department and told officers he had killed his wife. Officers then went to 6667 SW 56th Street, where they found a woman's body inside a townhouse.


Property records show the townhouse is owned by Derek Medina, who posted a picture of a body and an apparent confession to his Facebook page (pictured above) about noon Thursday. Neighbors identified pictures of him as the man who lived in the townhouse.

The photo showed a woman wearing black leotards with her knees bent backwards. Blood covered her left cheek and arm. It included a tag and the caption "RIP."

Police haven't confirmed whether Medina made the post, nor who the woman was in the picture. Both posts had hundreds of shares by Thursday afternoon.

Neighbors told WPLG-TV that officers brought a girl covered in a blanket out of the townhouse.

"When they came here, they rushed inside the house and we didn't know nothing was going on and then they carried a little girl out to the car and they were asking her questions," said Oliver Thomas.

Neighbors added that the man acted like the neighborhood watch captain in the community and carried a concealed weapon.

"The guy was kind of sketchy, you know, walking around with a gun," said Yoshi Dade. "It's kind of scary. You never know."

Friends said a girl pictured on Medina's Facebook page was his wife's daughter from an earlier marriage.