St. Johns Co. woman claims daughter's possessions stolen by ME worker

Woman believes ME employee arrested investigated her daughter's death

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – There is new information about the medical examiner's investigator arrested and accused of stealing from the dead people in his care.

A St. Johns County woman said that she thinks there's a connection between Chris Allen's arrest and her daughter's death almost four years ago.

"I've been complaining from day one about her jewelry missing," said Angel King.

King's daughter died from a gunshot wound almost four years ago. Just a few days ago, King learned police arrested Chris Allen, for stealing from dead people in his care.

"So, I started reading it, and said, 'OMG,' this is same investigator as my daughter's case," said King.

Natasha Boykin's mom doesn't believe the case was handled thoroughly, including if not starting with Allen's involvement.

King started a non-profit called Truth Seekers for Justice -- with the motto, "In memory of stolen lives." Now, she believes she's fighting for the truth about her daughter's stolen jewelry, too.

"I gave her my diamond studded earrings, and heart diamond necklace, for her to wear," said King.

King told Channel 4 that she hopes authorities will open an investigation into what happened to her daughter's earrings and necklace.

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