911 calls: 'Plane crashed into Flavet Field'

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – The anxiety in the 911 callers' voices is clear following Saturday's plane crash on the University of Florida campus.

"A plane crashed into Flavet Field. An airplane crashed into Flavet Field," one caller said.

"Flavet Field, a small plane just crashed," another told a dispatcher.

And still more came in. One appeared to be from a physician who ran over to try to help.

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"I'm a doctor, I'm a doctor," he said.

"Do you know if anyone's hurt?" a dispatcher asked.

"I don't know ma'am," he said. "Excuse me, I'm a doctor."

"There appears to be some head injuries, they walked away from the plane. There did happen to be a neurologist here with us," one caller said.

That caller was also with the pilot, who told the woman he and his passenger were OK.

"Were you in the plane? And you're both out?" the woman asked.

"OK, we're getting several calls about this," the dispatcher said.

"A plane just crashed on Lot 5 near the stadium," one caller said.

"We'll get help out there as soon as possible. Stay on the phone. Don't hang up," the dispatcher said.

"It was 200 feet, coming down quick," a caller said.

"We heard the engine start to stall and then it just cut out," one caller said. "He dropped the advertisement banner and then he started gliding, heading west."

Pilot Graham Hill crashed into a truck. He and his passenger suffered minor injuries, but no one else was hurt thanks to their quick thinking and people nearby who got everyone out of the way and called rescuers to the scene as soon as possible.