Fla. attorney general tightens synthetic drugs laws

Pam Bondi bans 4 compounds in found in synthetic drugs


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – State Attorney General Pam Bondi is making laws tighter against synthetic drugs. On Wednesday, she announced a ban on four compounds in the drug, including one called "Crazy Clown," to make them illegal.

A drug commonly known as K2, or spice, is a tricky drug to keep off the streets, but there's hope a new ban will make it harder.

The tiny pieces of synthetic material are nothing to play with, but over the last 3 years, drug researchers estimate more than 11,000 people have been hospitalized from smoking, snorting or ingesting synthetic drugs.

It causes hallucinations, seizures and psychotic episodes.

It's a drug Anna Chornak, a mother of three, warns her children to stay away from.

"That's scary. Very, very scary," said Chornak. "I try to tell my kids about everything. Don't take anything from strangers. Don't do this. Don't do that, but there's only so much a parent can do."

The state is now trying to make it harder for drug makers to distribute. Bondi banned four compounds in synthetics, which often go by the street name of K2, spice and bath salts.

One store owner told Channel 4 he used to sell synthetics. He's glad the state is making the ban tighter.

Channel 4 spoke with Crime and Safety Analyst Ken Jefferson who spoke about how police will try to enforce the new regulations.

"Police will be doing what they've been doing. They will police the laws as they are printed on the books," said Jefferson. "They will look at what was enforceable that wasn't enforceable in the past."