Extra officers make Florida-Georgia fans feel safe

Visitors noticed increased police presence around sports complex

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As out-of-town fans clean up and head home Sunday, most give positive reviews to the safety and security of this year's experience.

For Max Dawson and Ben Hastings, it was their first time watching the classic matchup. They said between the game and all the festivities around it, they had fun and felt safe.

"I heard it was just a big party lots of fun," Hastings said. "I was expecting it to be a little more rowdy but I really felt safe and I think Jacksonville is a really great area."

"I have never really seen this many people in the stadium," Dawson said. "And I think everyone handled themselves really well and I felt completely safe. No one got out of hand and no fights like you hear a lot of times."

That's exactly what the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office was going for. They brought in extra officers for the weekend, and Steve McLeod said he could tell the difference.

"It makes a big difference because in years past things have gotten out of hand there have been fights and stuff but they didn't let it get that far," McLeod said.

He and his wife have been coming to RV City for the last 17 years. And they said this year they noticed a bigger crackdown on underage drinking.

"We saw them card a couple underage people," McLeod said. "One of them they wrote a citation the other one they poured his booze out so they were taking care of things."

Even at the Jacksonville landing where people watched the game and hung out before and after the game, fans say they still felt safe overall. Jay and Kristina Johnson walked to The Landing after the game and said they felt safe overall.

"The cops were out,' Kristina Johnson said. "Their presence was known and we were just having a good old time partying with all out friends."

Hours after the party ended for the thousands of people who packed the Landing, it was much quieter, as businesses cleaned up and some fans enjoyed the day before heading back home; grateful for a safe and fun Florida Georgia weekend.