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Ammo, gun prices down significantly

Lower demand result of less panic from consumers

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After the November election last year and well into the start of 2013, many gun owners flooded gun stores in Jacksonville to pick up ammunition.

That was after President Barack Obama was pushing stricter gun control laws.

Now there is good news for consumers. If you're looking to buy ammo, now's the time, as prices are at the lowest they've been all year.

But they're set to go back up in December.

Prices at Green Acres Sporting Goods are dropping significantly. One box of ammunition originally priced at $19.95 is now $3.99.

"It really is a good value, and you can see it falling pretty drastically," said Phillip Gazaleh, manager at Green Acres.

Consumers like what they see, but why has the price dropped so much in the last month?

"The reason you can get bullets for cheap: The demand's gone down," Gazaleh said.

That's because gun owners aren't worried like they were about new gun control laws Obama talked about in the wake of the Connecticut school massacre.

"There's not that much talk in the media right now about the gun laws," Gazaleh said.

Sales aren't as high as they were when consumers were loading up, just in case.

"They're still very good," Gazaleh said. "They're not as good as they were at the beginning of the year, but we'll take it."

Not all ammo is priced lower. It is hunting season, so that demand is still high.

"The hunting ammo is still a little tough to get as far as your rifle and hunting ammo," Gazaleh said.

What about gun prices?

"Gun prices have dropped," Gazaleh said. "For example, AR-15s like we have on this wall here are as low as $599."

Gazaleh said once holiday shoppers start hitting the stores, it's likely prices will go back up some.

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