Family, friends remember Putnam County toddler killed by car

FHP still investigating driver who struck toddler on U.S. 17


SAN MATEO, Fla. – Today the family of 3-year-old Morgan Calway said their final goodbyes to a boy they said was always happy and full of life.

Morgan got out of his grandfather's home off U.S. 17 in Putnam County last Tuesday and made it to the busy road where he was hit by a car in front of the San Mateo Church of the Nazarene, where his grandfather is the pastor.

The driver of the car didn't stop and hasn't been caught.

Even though the family is going through so much grief right now — Morgan's grandfather said he finds a little comfort knowing that before his death, Morgan was doing what he loved.

"He just loved to run and yell and scream," Pastor Paul Myers said, "and I'm sure (was) having the time of his life and was running


down the road and the next thing you know he's running into the arms of Jesus."

Morgan's family said they are suffering, but they also said they find comfort in knowing he is in a better place.

Family, friends and pastors filled the San Mateo Church of the Nazarene on Wednesday afternoon, sharing their memories of a little boy they said was so happy — and very smart.

"You would give him a tablet or a cellphone with an application on it (and) he would be to the third level before you even figured out what it was," Myers said.

The altar at Myers' church was lined with Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train toys — some of Morgan's favorites. Myers said he can't even count the number of memories he has with his only grandchild — and some of those will always bring a smile to his face.


"Morgan was a great little guy," Myers said. "He had nothing but love.

"He chased the cat across the house all the time. The other day, the cat chased him back, and he was horrified, so that's how pure and innocent Morgan was."

Myers, who said there's no doubt in his mind that heaven gained a new angel, recalled his final moments with his beloved grandson.

"He climbed up on my lap and I was smothering his head with kisses and I would stop and he would lean his head back to get more, so I sat there and sang to him for about 15 minutes."

Myers said Morgan was just learning how to open doors and must have learned how to open the deadbolt lock, because he got out of the house, and the family realized within seconds that the unimaginable had happened.

Sgt. Dylan Bryan, with the Florida Highway Patrol, said they have the car that hit Morgan, and they're just trying to identify the driver. Bryan said they are currently interviewing three people -- and hope to soon learn exactly what happened that tragic night.

"We would issue charges not only for the crash but also leaving the scene which resulted in death, and that's a criminal offense and an arrestable offense as well," Bryan said. "But first things first, we have to conduct our investigation in the proper fashion as applicable by Florida statute and our agency policies."

Myers said his hope now is to find who's responsible for Morgan's death. He also wanted to thank not only his family and friends, but the community.

He said the amount of love and support the family has received is incredible, including phone calls, e-mails and messages from around the world. He said it really means a lot.