Memorial Day weekend boosts car sales

Many dealerships still close, honor Memorial Day

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Memorial Day weekend is usually known as a day to remember our country's fallen, the unofficial start of summer, and a weekend to spend time with family and friends. But for many it's become a weekend to get a new car or truck.

A new report released by Wallet Hub, shows Memorial Day weekend is the busiest weekend of the year for car sales.

Bill Olive, the general manager at Osteen Volkswagen said, even though the lot is closed for two days of the traditional weekend, sales are still strong.

"Business is normally up about 40-percent and traffic because people get out early, they've taken a long weekend they want to go do things in the afternoon so early in the morning early Saturday morning," said Olive.

Olive said it's always a big weekend, something true for many dealerships across our area.

According to Wallet Hub, Memorial Day is the year's busiest weekend for car sales and the kick-off for a three-month span in which 27-percent of all annual car sales are recorded.

"The manufacturers get behind the Memorial Day sales and come in and include incentives on top of incentives. And it's been going on like that for the past few years and it really is a great time for the buyer's market," said Olive.

Potential buyers at Osteen Volkswagen only have Friday and Saturday to shop around this holiday season because the company's founders decided years ago to keep the business closed on Sundays to give employees a day off and Memorial Day to honor those who gave their lives for our country.

"We celebrate Memorial Day in honor of the military and we've been always closed and we also think it's a great day for our employees and their families to get together and also remember what the day is for," said Olive.

While Friday and Saturday at Osteen Volkswagen will be full of sales, extra incentives and even a barbecue for employees and customers, Olive said Monday the lot will be silent in honor of the fallen.

"We have a very strong belief in the military because I don't think you and I could be standing here today without the support of the military that we have obviously," said Olive.

Osteen Volkswagen told me they are the top selling Volkswagen dealership in Jacksonville when it comes to new cars, so even though they have been closed the Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day weekend they don't feel like they are missing out.