Jaguars debut biggest video screens in the world

Mega-event coincides with soccer match, country concert at EverBank Field

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Every last wire, bulb and bolt was installed and on Saturday, fans got their first look at the new video scoreboards at EverBank Field -- the largest scoreboards in the land.

The north end zone now has two video boards climbing 60 feet high and stretching 362 feet wide.

The Jags have boasted these will be the biggest video screens on the planet. The scoreboards look like 55,000-square-foot televisions with one in each end zone. They're 660 percent the size of the scoreboards last year.

Combine that with the addition of cabana-style seating and swimming pools and you have an enhanced stadium.

The Jacksonville Jaguars kicked off a party Saturday to debut the big boards. It started with a soccer match between Fulham and D.C. United.

Once that wrapped up, the board was turned on and country music superstar Carrie Underwood took the stage.

Fans told News4Jax the boards have a "Wow" factor that is unmatched.

"It's the best view in the house. If you haven't been in the pool, you have to get in the pool and check the view out," said Anthony Spears.

"You're bringing all the elements of having a home tailgate, wings, beer, whatever, you're bringing that all here in an experience like no other," said Michael Thomas.

Andre Garcia was the first person to swim in the pool because he helped install it. He said a lot goes in to making sure pools are safe.

"The concrete structure and the metal that holds up the windows, that's got to be solid. That way the water pressure doesn't blow the window out," Garcia said.

A glass window gives you a birds-eye view of the field and the giant video boards.

"We're creating an environment that is competitive with the rest of the world. We now have something that no one else has anywhere. Especially in a world where we are trying to compete for tourism and events and those sorts of things, it's going to pay big dividends doing forward, I'm convinced of that," said Jacksonville councilman Bill Bishop.