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Group 'Free Marissa Now' draws attention to case

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The group "Free Marissa Now" along with the Atlanta-based group "Project South" is holding what it calls "Stand Our Ground" week.

Each day, the group has an activity planned to draw attention to the Marissa Alexander case.

Sunday evening they held a concert at The Jacksonville Landing.

Group leaders claim it's wrong the 33-year-old was sentenced for firing what she claims was a warning shot toward her estranged husband in 2010.

"The treatment of Marissa Alexander, in the judicial system is a treatment of black woman across the country. It's the treatment of black people throughout the county and is part of the whole mass incarceration everywhere we look," said Suzanne Pharr with Southerners on New Ground.

"For us, how can we have justice if we don't fight for people like Marissa Alexander and we bring all these other people together to make the fight broader. It's not just for her. It's for equal treatment of people and treatment that has fairness to it, justice to it." 

VIDEO: The Florida house approves a measure allowing warning shots to be fired from a gun and it could have implications in the Marissa Alexander trial. Alexander is the Jacksonville woman accused of firing a shot in the direction of her husband and his two children. Alexander has filed hundreds of pages of pretrial motions, including one requesting a new "stand your ground" hearing.

Alexander was convicted on aggravated assault charges in 2012.

She was sentenced to 20 years in prison after turning down a plea deal.

Alexander is currently on house arrest.

Her re-trial is set for December.