More people traveling for Labor Day weekend

Impacting the local economy


It's the end of summer and the last chance for some families to make a getaway.  According to a Trip Adviser survey, the number of people who plan to travel the holiday weekend is up ten percent from last year.

Here in Jacksonville, some say they're staying home to avoid the traffic, while others are planning a different strategy.

"I kind of plan on getting up early while it's cool and hopefully not as much traffic on the roads," said Christine Lott, who plans to drive to Cocoa Beach.

According to a survey by Trip Adviser, 40% of people plan to travel for Labor Day weekend. That number is up 10% from the number of people who traveled for Labor Day in 2013. Of those traveling, 68% will drive and 26% will fly.

Financial planner Carolyn McClanahan says because the economy had been on a gradual incline, more people are taking vacations, even if just for a weekend. 

"People are traveling more when people feel the economy is doing better they tend to spend more money and one way they do that is take more vacation so that will definitely help the Florida economy," McClanahan said.

She also says to save money while traveling, take the most fuel efficient car available and when shopping only buy the things you absolutely need.