Middleburg Elem. open after smoke found

School will resume normal hours; school officials say faulty a/c to blame


MIDDLEGURG, Fla. – Middleburg Elementary School will resume normal hours after a maintenance worker discovered smoke in the cafeteria Tuesday morning.

According to the Clay County Fire Rescue Department, just before 6:30 a.m. firefighters were dispatched to the school on 3958 Main Street after reports of an electrical fire-like smell in the cafeteria.

CCFR said there was no fire in the school at any point. the preliminary investigation shows a faulty air conditioning unit may have been the cause of the smoke.

CCFR said the smoke was entering the cafeteria through the duct work and was only contained to that area.

The school has cut the power off from the faulty air conditioning unit and has maintenance staff on site to investigate the problem.

No one was hurt during the incident.

Students in the before school program were allowed back in and normal school hours will resume, according to a Clay County Schools spokesperson.