Gov. Scott stops in Jacksonville on bus tour

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Gov. Rick Scott arrived in a tour bus Tuesday and made a handful of stops in the River City. His late afternoon rally drew a couple hundred people at Mac Papers on Philips Highway.

News4Jax reporter Kent Justice asked the governor why his "Let's Keep Working" campaign is different from four years ago.

Scott credits a tough mom and being in the U.S. Navy for learning how to work hard, something he said his opponent, Democrat Charlie Crist, doesn't do.

"Charlie, he's a good talker. He's slick, smooth," Scott said. "But nothing happens. When he was governor, he had this job before and he didn't do it."

Scott stepped off his campaign bus and started rallying supporters in Jacksonville, reciting the reasons he thinks voters should keep him in office.

Scott said he's going to get a $1 billion back into Floridians' pockets over the next two years. Plus, he said education spending is going to continue to increase.

"I've also said we'll cut taxes $1 billion," he said. "There's big opportunity for the port, for jobs. I've said what we're going to do for families, for education, and the highest per-pupil funding in the history of the state of Florida next year. Why? Because we've turned our economy around."

While hundreds pressed into the paper warehouse to cheer Scott, a handful of Crist supporters waved signs and offered their opinion on claims that Scott is the jobs governor in Florida. They disagree and have been praying for change.

"For the leaders to see the light and do right, not the right wing, the right thing," Marie Fitzsimmons said. "Charlie has literally seen the light. He wants to create a solar energy program, create jobs, which we need more than ever now."

Scott said Crist lost hundreds of thousands of jobs when he was in office.

"No, he did not. It's been tight all over the United States with jobs," Fitzsimmons said. "The auto factory and housing shutdown put people out of work. It wasn't Charlie's fault, no it wasn't."

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