What restrictions on released offenders, predators?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – When someone is convicted of a sex crime there are a list of rules they have to follow in order to be released from jail.

Sexual offenders and predators must immediately register with their probation officer as well as local police to make sure where they are living complies with local laws, like distance from schools, parks and other places your children might be spending time.

Theresa Simak of the State Attorney's office says offenders have to sign a contract which outlines everything they must follow.

"So they know every single rule. They have to sign it, fingerprint it, so they know where they are or are not allowed to live and when they have to go in and update their address if they change their residence. Or they have to go in and check every six months if they are an offender, every three months if they are predator," Simak said.

There are also restrictions on what offenders and predators can and can't do. For example, where someone can and can't work, who they can contact and be around. They can have no Internet access and offenders must keep a driving log.

It's important to note that a judge has the power to add even more restrictions when a offender or predator is released. That decision is made case-by-case.