Man, 74, donates 100th gallon of blood

Harold Green
Harold Green

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A St. Augustine man who has been giving the gift of life for years is now the 10th person in the northeast Florida area to reach a major milestone.

Harold Green, 74, has donated his 100th gallon of blood.

Green first donated in 1963 when he was in the Army. Since 1986, he's been donating platelets locally through The Blood Alliance, and on Monday he gave his 503rd blood donation.

Green has worked as a bus driver for The Bolles School for about nine years.

Some staff members and parents from the school were on hand Monday at The Blood Alliance's Southside donation center as Green reached his milestone.

Although his students couldn't be there, they still shared their gratitude, signing a big poster for him.

One of Green's brothers is also a generous blood donor. He's given 50 gallons of blood.