Storm-damaged BP gas station back in business

Torn-off awning not yet replaced, but most pumps back in service

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many businesses are still recovering from the severe damage caused by Monday's storm, including a BP gas station off St. Johns Bluff and Monument roads that was badly damaged.

Wind gusts were so high during the storm, they tore off the awning over the gas pumps, leaving a typically busy gas station pretty deserted for a couple of days.

Wednesday night the gas station was back in service, although two pumps were wrapped in blue plastic and the awning had yet to be replaced. 

But some of the store's regular customers were pretty pleased with how quickly the gas station reopened.

Valerie Howey lives near the station and saw the damage Monday's storm caused. Dozens of chunks of metal from the awning were strewn across the ground and blowing into the street.

Wind ripped off the roof covering the pumps at the BP gas station atthe intersection of St. Johns Bluff and Monument roads.

"Debris was everywhere. But today they have gotten themselves together," Howey said. "In two days they have cleaned up the place and you can use the gas."

Crews began cleaning the debris Tuesday, and late Tuesday night eight of the 12 gas pumps were reopened.

The store manager said clean-up work will continue for the next few weeks, but he didn't have a timeline for when the remaining pumps might be working.