Man arrested in Orlando carjacking

Jordan L. Mincy booked into Orange County Jail

Jordan Mincy.
Jordan Mincy.

ORLANDO, Fla. – A suspected carjacker crashed into a gas pump that burst into flames, fought a group of policemen and firefighters and caused a frantic scene just after 7 Thursday evening.

It began as police were investigating a carjacking that happened Thursday at 555 North John Young Parkway.

Witnesses said the suspect tried to carjack at least five cars and succeeded twice.

"I told the lady, 'Hurry up, I'm about to tase him.' She was like, 'Just hold on, just hold on.' I'm getting kind of scared because I knew he was trying to take my car because of the way he came at me," said Alyson Pruitt, who was on the with phone 911 while confronting a carjacker bent on taking her car -- or any car -- someplace fast. "He tried to carjack the taxi man. He couldn't. So he come to my car, I didn't see him. He tries to pull open my door."

Pruitt got him out of her car only for him to try to carjack two other cars on John Young Parkway near the Greyhound bus station.

She watched as the suspect ran back and forth around the intersection trying to carjack vehicles until he was able to steal a maroon vehicle and drive off.

The family who owns the stolen vehicle had just gone Black Friday shopping and had TVs inside the car.

What happened next ended in a ball of fire at the Chevron gas station on Old Winter Garden Road and Ferguson Drive.

The carjacker crashed, and officials said a large fire broke out at the gas station, but the carjacker was able to escape and jump into another vehicle.

As the driver of the vehicle was heading west, the suspect began demanding him to get out. Fearing for his life, he told police he was able to escape his car in the 3900 block of Old Winter Garden Road and flagged down police, who were then responding to the fire at the gas station.

Two Orlando Police Department officers were able to get to the suspect, who fought them and an OPD K-9. Four firemen assisted the officers and were able to eventually secure the man, who was identified as 21-year-old Jordan L. Mincy.

Mincy was transported to Orlando Medical Center for injuries related to a dog bite, but was later booked into the Orange County Jail.

Back where it all began, Pruitt said she thinks he seemed like a desperate man.

"I tell him, 'What are you doing?' He just says, 'You don't know what just happened to me,'" said Pruitt.

Cops have not given any motive for Mincy's frantic crime spree.

A group of people were watching and videotaping the fight with police, but they left the area, said officers. Police said they hope the group will come forward because the video could help their case.