Coke takes heat for 'sexist' pin-up ads

'Drink what she's wearing,' reads one advertisement for milk


Sex sells, but did Coke go too far in its new ads for a new line of premium milk?

The soft drink maker is trying its hand in the dairy industry with Fairlife, a milk product with 50 percent more calcium and protein than regular milk.

In a line of ads for Fairlife, Coke used pin-up girls that are (literally) wearing the product.

"Drink what she's wearing," reads one poster.

"Better milk looks good on you," says another.

The photos are from a series shot in 2013 by photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz. While many are praising the actual art, the ads have sparked a dialog about using women's bodies in advertising.

"This is just the latest in a never-ending stream of examples of women's bodies used as advertising fodder with scant regard for relevance or originality," Laura Bates wrote in the Guardian.