New transformer installed on South Liberty Street


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A Sunday morning aerial maneuver to replace a broken transformer on South Liberty Street was a success.

People in in the Riverfront Townhomes behind the Berkman Plaza have been without power for the last two weeks after part of the road build over the river collapsed.


Because of the 3-ton weight restriction on the undamaged portion of South Liberty Street, using a crane was not an option for the repairs.

Sunday morning, JEA contracted with CHI Aviation to use a helicopter to lift out the old, damaged transformer and put a new transformer into place.

Crews staged the flights from the shipyards property on Bay Street. 

"In about 7 days we should be receiving all the electrical devices which are called unmetered mains and media stations. Once that's done at the two community buildings, then its a matter of making sure the conduit is laid to code." said Andrew Beaudion, Association Manager Riverwalk Townhomes.

JEA hopes to have power to the 20 townhomes restored in two weeks.