Woman injured, 2 dogs killed by pit bulls

DELTONA, Fla. – A woman is recovering from multiple dog bites after trying to protect her two Yorkies from a dog attack Thursday afternoon.

Shirley Farina said her neighbor's dogs dug a hole under their shared fence and attacked her two dogs, Casper and Cali.

"I heard the little one yelping and when I went out, the two pit bulls had her together and they were pulling and ripping at her," Farina said.

Farina said she chased the pit bulls away, but they went after her other Yorkie. She managed to pick him up and that's when they turned on her.

"When he bit me I felt it, but all I could think of is, leave my dogs alone," said Farina. "I kept screaming, 'Help me, help me, help me,' and they heard me."

Her neighbor, Jeff Lamey, came to her rescue.

"At first I thought it was a child screaming and then I heard a second scream and it was a scream of terror," Lamey said. "I grabbed two big rocks, jumped the fence, ran over and landed two good shots that broke them loose."

Farina's two dogs didn't survive, but she said she's glad her cries for help were heard.

"I'm so grateful that they were home today and heard me," Farina said.

Deputies said 24-year-old Demetria Brewer and her boyfriend owned the two dogs. Brewer was arrested for resisting an officer while they were being questioned about what happened.

Animal control has both dogs, which are going to be put down.