Candidates make last-minute push for undecided voters

Sheriff and mayoral supporters give last-minute push to get the word out

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tuesday is the big day when thousands of voters will stand in line to cast their vote for mayor, sheriff and city councilmen.

According to the Duval County Supervisor of elections, 16 percent of voters participated in early voting, which is higher than years past.

Those numbers are also giving promise to candidates, as many of them and their campaign workers spent Monday evening trying to get some last minutes facts out to voters and drivers stuck in rush hour.

"Mike's key issues are obviously the violent crime. Which is driven in Jacksonville by the drug trade. Transparency in the agency and being a budget a hawk and then community engagement," Michelle Cook, one of Sheriff Candidate Mike Williams' supporters said.

Williams' campaigners weren't the only ones on the corner of San Jose Boulevard using the intersection to interact with the community.

Sheriff candidate Jimmy Holderfield's team had a strategy of holding down their own territory nearby with their own message.

"It's really, really big. Connecting with the community in the violent crime areas, getting officers in the line level out on the streets more and dealing with the people," Lt. Brett Sharp of Jimmy Holderfield's campaign said.

As the final countdown nears, Democrats are leading Republicans in early voting by 5 percent.