Jacksonville man convicted of insurance fraud

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo ofNelson Gacita
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office booking photo ofNelson Gacita

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Nelson Cata Gacita, 40, was found guilty as charged this week of one count of false insurance claims and one count of knowingly participating in an intentional motor vehicle crash.

Prosecutors say Gacita was involved in a scheme in July 2011 in which people staged car accidents and then filed false personal injury protection claims through rehab clinics to get money from various insurance companies. The clinics were used to get bogus treatment for nonexistent injuries.

The investigation revealed that Gacita and four others planned and executed a staged accident. Afterwards, the defendant filed PIP claims through eMED Primary Care and San Jose Injury Center. Prosecutors say Gacita netted nearly $35,000 from the victimized insurance companies.

Gacita faces 30 years in prison. He will be sentenced the week of May 18.