Sheriff's candidate to stay overnight in Atlantic Beach


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Candidate for sheriff, Ken Jefferson will stay overnight in another area of Duval County to hear concerns from voters.

Jefferson will stay in Atlantic Beach on Saturday until Sunday. He will be in the 1900 block of Jordan Street and will start his stay with a neighborhood walk, according to a news release sent to News4Jax.

"When I started my campaign, I pledged to walk neighborhoods from Baldwin to the Beaches to hear the concerns of the citizens in all of Duval County," said Ken Jefferson. "Every person in our county deserves to feel safe in their home. I want everyone to know that as your Sheriff, I will be visible, I will be on the streets with patrol officers and I will be here for all of Duval County. You can trust me to make our community safer."

Jefferson has stayed overnight in Grand Park, Eureka Gardens, and Arlington.

Jefferson's opponent is Mike Williams.

Williams recently took aim at Jefferson in a recent television ad. Williams lists his qualifications for the job.

"Homicide, robbery, the bomb squad, the SWAT team and Homeland Security," the ad reads.

Before ending, Williams takes a swipe at his opponent, Jefferson, who is a former public information officer for the Sheriff's Office and former News4Jax crime and safety expert.

"For sheriff, we don't need a TV spokesman. We need a real cop," the ad said.

The election for sheriff takes place May 19.