Curry, Brown go door to door, talk with Jacksonville voters

Both mayoral candidates try to get people excited about election

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – With just a little more than a week until Jacksonville officially decides who will be mayor, Lenny Curry and current mayor Alvin Brown are working Jacksonville neighborhoods.

Both are emphasizing the importance of going door to door, talking with voters face to face. Early voting began Monday and Election Day is May 19.

Both candidates said they are really trying to get people excited about the election so they'll get out and vote. So far nearly 12 percent of voters have placed ballots early.

Curry showed up Saturday at a neighborhood barbecue hosted by the Republican Party to shake hands and meet new faces.

"At the beginning of this campaign, I said I was going to go voter to voter, door to door, person to person. I've been doing that every day and I will continue to do that through election day," Curry said.

Curry believes the city of Jacksonville is suffering financially under Brown and that the mayor is more focused on negative ads than coming up with solutions to issues affecting the city.

"Officers have been cut under this mayor, violent crime and murder have spiked under this mayor. I'm committed to solving these problems," Curry said. "I've been saying that I'll solve these problems from day one and these are the issues that will drive the voters to the polls so we can solve these problems together."

"We have created 36,000 new jobs, we cut unemployment in half, downtown has become a destination, more jobs and more people working downtown, and we are really making sure that we are going out campaigning together," Brown said.

Brown, who walked door to door today with former Republican candidate Bill Bishop, said his record as mayor proves the city is heading in the right direction and that his message has been positive.

"It means a lot to me in the city to have councilman Bill Bishop not only endorse my candidacy for re-election but here campaigning door to door," Brown said. "It shows his true leadership and commitment to Jacksonville that we are always putting the city first."

Both candidates said they've received good feedback from voters and are feeling positive about Election Day.