Everyday Superwoman


Melanie Snow Waxler has mastered the art of multi-tasking. She makes dinner for the kids, while talking to her boss, the sheriff. Some nights, she even tosses in an online college criminology course.

Melanie told us, "This particular semester I do have a live class from 5:30 to 8:00, which every mother knows is the prime time in the evening."

But her duties don't stop there. She's making a documentary about wounded warriors, she emcees charity events and there's more! Every day is a new story to tell.

"Well I picked up my boys, brought them home, waited until their father came home to take over, was logged into my class on the computer, then had to switch to my Bluetooth in my car as I drove to a Junior League meeting, while I have my ear phone in my ear watching my class, or listening to my class while driving and I don't recommend that to anyone. I'm also getting phone calls about an escaped inmate," Melanie said.

Her friends are impressed.

"I think it's amazing and tremendously brave," Melanie's friend Gayle Clark said.

Melanie's strategy is confidence and decisiveness.

"I don't have time to be wishy-washy. I don't have time to over think things," Melanie added.

Some other tips for brave women who do it all: a shared online calendar can let the whole family know when each member has an activity planned. Another tip: work at home and home at work. Pay your bills on your office lunch hour and check your work e-mail at home. And finally, connect with other women who have the same hectic lifestyle as you. You'll be able to share stories and advice!

For Melanie, being unafraid to take on the world works for her.

"I don't know if multi-tasking this way is very healthy, but it's the way that I live and it keeps me going. I'm not the kind of person to want to slow down because I have goals to attain and I have to keep going," Melanie said.

And this is why there's a good chance she may even put more on her plate soon.

Experts say women who feel overwhelmed by so many calls on their time from career and family often forget to rest and relax. Staying mentally and emotionally stable is just as important as physical fitness.