New Florida law cracks down on quotas

Law that went into effect July 1 outlaws all law enforcement quotas

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – If you've ever seen what seems like a lot of cops going after speeders on a drive and said to yourself, "I guess they have to meet their quota," you can worry a little less now -- a new law is cracking down on quotas.

Waldo police officers disclosed a ticket quota system last year for the busy road of U.S. 301. The Waldo Police Department disbanded in the fallout from the story.

Juanita Boykin and her husband were on their way to Louisiana when reporter Matt Galka caught up with them at a rest stop on Interstate 10. She said they're always aware of cops around holidays.

"I know they're ready for us, speed devils," Boykin said.

While there are plenty of drivers out there who probably think law enforcement is trying to meet a certain number of tickets written every month, a new Florida law is a quota crackdown. It outlaws all law enforcement quotas and went into effect Wednesday.

The law was inspired by a small north Florida town once considered one of the country's worst speed traps.

In the past, nearly half of Waldo's revenue was coming from traffic tickets on U.S. 301. AAA was even warning drivers to avoid the trap.

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The new law outlaws all ticket quota systems at a state and local level, and requires local law enforcement to report revenues to the state.

"We don't need to be in the law enforcement business because all we're doing is just pulling people over and giving them tickets in order to support the operations of the law enforcement," Sen. Rob Bradley said.

One surefire way for Florida drivers to avoid a ticket on the roads this holiday weekend is to go the speed limit.