Drone helps search for Lonzie Barton

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Search crews looked high and low for Lonzie Barton throughout the weekend. The area they focused on Sunday spanned a good portion of the Southside.

A local company called BuiltDrones -- builds drones here in Jacksonville and they wanted to get out and help the 150 plus detectives in the search for the 21-month-old.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office says the Southern Oaks community is where the suspect in this case, William Ruben Ebron once lived. The media was not allowed on property, which is why being able to take video from above with the help of BuiltDrones gives a perspective that we wouldn't be able to see.

The owner says he just wanted to get out and help in any way he could. He says the drones are readily available which is why he and another drone company, Alienworx - based in Savannah - decided to put the machines in the sky and look too. They are able to get a birds-eye view of the area investigators were searching yesterday near the Walmart on Phillips highway by I-95.

Police searched several ponds behind the HH Gregg and Dollar Store - looking for any sign of Lonzie. Mark Nguyen says they are hoping the drones can help assist police in the search.

"It's that different perspective. You're getting an overall view. Even if we can't find anything that's closer we might be able to give them a certain area to go towards. It's a broader/wider range to cover and get like a birds eye view of everything and see if we can help in anyway," said Nguyen, with Alienworx

JSO asks anyone with information about where Lonzie may be to call Crime stoppers. That number is 1-866-845-TIPS. The search is expected to continue Monday morning.