Howard S. Schneider served intent to sue papers

Photos show pediatric dentist lashing out photographer documenting process

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – About 50 people who claim their children were abused by Dr. Howard S. Schneider have announced their plans to sue.

Over the last several months, hundreds of parents have claimed  Schneider abused their kids as they sat in his dentist chair. They also claim he performed unnecessary dental procedures for the purpose of ripping off Medicaid.

Shortly after the allegations surfaced, Schneider closed his dental office relinquished his license to practice in the state of Florida.  

He recently did the same in Georgia.

Photos captured the tense moment a process server tried to deliver more than 50 letters of intent to sue Schneider for medical malpractice Friday

VIEW SLIDESHOW: Attorney's photos of Dr. Schneider being served court papers

Attorney John Phillips represents the families involved in this case. He said as soon as Schneider saw the videographer he revved his engine.

"Stopped before the sidewalk, revved his engine, and then reversed and then gunned it. He actually spun out in his own yard. You can still see the marks," Phillips said.

No one was hurt. Seconds later the processor tried again, this time she was serving papers on behalf of Bri-El Motley, a little girl whose family says lost eight teeth at the hands of Schneider. 

"She walked back down and said, oh, I have one more. He had already gone inside. He came out, threw it at her, and then the videographer followed her at that point. He then grabbed at the camera," Phillips said.

When News4Jax tried getting a comment from Schneider regarding this incident and the letters, he wasn't happy to see us. Another media outlet reported that Schneider tried to run over their crew.

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