Foster children get back-to-school supplies


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Six-hundred fifty foster children received backpacks and school supplies Saturday during an event at the First Baptist Church.

It was part of quarterly training for foster families.

"We're thankful for this great community we live in that we're able to provide backpacks for all the children we have in foster care," said Lee Kaywork, chief executive officer for Family Support Services of North Florida.

The school supplies were donated by multiple businesses. Foster parents were appreciative for the supplies.

"One less thing you have to worry about. Especially starting out the school year. It's one less thing to add to your list for getting ready for school" said Jason Bell, foster parent to three children.

"The smiles on the children's faces are fantastic. It demonstrates normalcy. Kids always start off school with a new backpack, pencils, new paper. I'm glad we can provide that," Kaywork said.

FSS said it is always looking for foster parents. If you're interested in fostering a child, call 904-421-5800