With game in town, business brisk at restaurants

Prep work began early Friday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The annual Florida-Georgia game isn't just great for the fans. It's great for businesses in the downtown area. That was especially true Saturday morning for people who work near the stadium, as many tailgaters stopped by for breakfast before the tailgating really got going. 

Breakfast subs with bacon sausage or steak and a couple of eggs plus some provolone cheese can make for the perfect cure for a long Friday night.

"That's what the breakfast sub that we do is for, it kind of sucks up all of that stuff from yesterday and get it going for today. Get you back on your feet. Everyone is coming in and out. It's the epicenter of kind of the fun on the side of the stadium. We just like to have fun and enjoy our day. And have a good time," said Jordan Litt of Just Doggin It.

It doesn't matter if you come in orange and blue or red and black all fans want the same thing. It takes a lot of prep work to make sure they have enough food. Litt said 15 dozen eggs were gone in a few hours. 

"We just get out here early Friday morning and get everything set up. It was madness from then until now, and this is the little calm between the storm until it gets crazy," one fan said.

Touchdown Diner was another place for fans to get food before their tailgate.

"Roll them up at 8 ounces, press them out, and throw them on the grill," said Kamel Farah, co-Owner to his cooks.

Before breakfast was over, it was on to preparing for lunch, knowing that as fans walk to the stadium, there's a good chance some might stop in for a last-minute bite to eat before the game Farah said it's just the law of averages with so many out here, business is higher this weekend.

 "A regular Jaguars game would have 20,000 people, we will have 10 times as many out here," Farah said.