Police: Suspect used stolen cellphone to contact prostitutes

Officers used phone records to make arrest

Booking photo of Anthony Smalls
Booking photo of Anthony Smalls

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – It took a little more than 24 hours for Gainesville police to track down a man suspected of committing an armed robbery near the University of Florida campus.

Anthony Gary Smalls, 23, was arrested Thursday morning and charged with robbery with a firearm.

According to an arrest report from the Gainesville Police Department, Smalls and another man used a gun to rob a man of his cellphone and wallet on Tuesday night at 1200 Southwest 3rd Avenue.

Police said within 30 minutes of the robbery, Smalls used the stolen phone to set up "dates" with various prostitutes he met online. Police were waiting for smalls at one of the prearranged meetings.

Police said the gun used in the robbery has not been found and the second suspect has not been identified.

It's not yet known if Smalls or the other suspect used the gun in the robbery.

Gainesville police urge residents to remain vigilant by practicing good safety techniques:

Walk in well-lit areas after dark
Stay in groups, if possible
Know your surroundings
Have a way to call or yell for help if needed