More women join botched implant lawsuit

More than 200 women look into legal action over past breast augmentations.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There are new developments in the allegations by patients of a Jacksonville plastic surgeon that he continually botched their surgeries and profited from them. 

News4Jax has learned more than 200 women have contacted that attorney with questions on Dr. Loren Clayman and his plastic surgery clinic.

The attorney for the women is going through all the reports from women who have contacted him since our story first aired to determine if any of their claims warrant a lawsuit.

Since the story of the three lawsuits against Dr. Loren Clayman, News4Jax has learned the attorney representing the women has been approached by 203 more women looking into potential legal action over past breast augmentations.

Attorney Chris Shakib has filed a fourth lawsuit. The original three suits only targeted Dr. Loren Clayman, this fourth suit also targets his son Dr. Mark Clayman.

“These are all women who have very similar stories to my existing clients,” Shakib said. “As of today I think we’ve had 203 calls.  I’ve been practicing law 23 years, I’ve never seen this kind of thing.  It’s as if the flood gates were open.  What they’re more interested in is they want someone to tell their stories too.”

The lawsuits allege the doctors would botch client’s breast augmentation, and then require multiple surgeries to fix problems. It goes on to claim the doctors would bill the manufacturers for the cost.

“They ask for a c cup they come back with a DD, an E, sometimes a F; much larger than they’ve ever asked for and some women I’ve spoken with have had as many as 10 repeat surgeries in just a few years,” Shakib said.

News4Jax contacted the plastic surgery center again and spoke with Elana Clayman who was very colorful in her comments.

Elana Clayman continued deflecting questions by asking about everything from the reporter’s family to the presidential election to Ronald Reagan. Eventually she did give a few quotes about the lawsuits.

‘I’m told there’s no merit,” Elana Clayman said.

When asked for an on camera interview she said, “Not with you because you’re not a journalist.”

Multiple past patients are defending Dr. Loren Clayman.

In an email to News4Jax one woman wrote, “Dr. Loren Clayman has performed two breast augmentations on me and each time I looked FANTASTIC!  He is a very busy plastic surgeon because he is very good and his prices are reasonable.”

  Right now the suits are in the discovery phase so trials has yet to start.

Attorneys for the plastic surgeon issued a statement saying, “Not able to comment, reviewed what we have and we don’t think there’s merit to the allegation.  Feel justified to defend yourself, look forward to handling the process in court.”

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