Woman bitten by cat with rabies in Glynn County


GLYNN COUNTY, Ga. – A woman was bitten by a cat that has tested positive for rabies, according to the Glynn County Health Department.

The incident happened at the woman's home in the Highland Park area of Brunswick where she had been feeding the feral cat along with several others.

She's been advised to contact her doctor for follow-up.

Glynn County health officials want to remind everyone to stay alert and keep an eye out for any animals acting out of the ordinary.

Foxes, along with other animals that are native to coastal Georgia including raccoons and bats, can be carriers of rabies.

Unvaccinated animals, whether pets or stray/feral, are susceptible to rabies.

Rabies is a potentially deadly virus that's primarily spread by infected animals.

Symptoms of rabies in animals include a change in behavior, biting, aggression, showing no fear of natural enemies (such as humans), foaming at the mouth and paralysis.

If an animal ever bites you, seek medical care immediately and contact Glynn County Animal Control at 912-554-7500 and the Glynn County Health Department Environmental Health Division at 279-2940.