Community gathers to remember local man killed in Pulse rampage

Family, friends, co-workers pay respects to Darryl 'DJ' Burt,

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – More than $2,000 has been raised in honor of Darryl “DJ” Burt, one of the victims in the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Friends and co-workers showed up Sunday to pay their respects. All of the proceeds go directly to Burt’s family for funeral expenses, as well as a memorial in his name.

There were been dozens of people coming and going Sunday, even strangers celebrating his life… and comforting people that knew him.

One of Burt's friends described him as a hard-working person with a big heart.

“I’m sure everybody can agree that’s the sentiments of all of us with this tragedy -- that he was gone too soon," Demetrius Nelson said. "And not just him, but the 48 others. They were gone too soon.”

Nelson pointed out some of Burt’s accomplishments -- most recently, graduation. Burt got his diploma the same night he headed to Orlando to celebrate with friends. They ended up at Pulse Nightclub.

“I was talking to one person and to one friend, and he said they were in the process of leaving, and for some reason, Darryl turned around and went somewhere,” Nelson said.

Nelson said Burt's friends started to look for him, and then the chaos began. He said Burt’s father still doesn’t know exactly where his son was when he died or how it happened. Nelson read a letter Burt's parents wrote to everyone who showed up for a memorial fundraiser in his name. They thanked them for all the love.

“'We thought raising a child was a difficult task, but burying one is even harder,'" Nelson read from the letter. "'We refuse to let the hatred of others steal the joy of our child. We are blessed that God gave us a wonderful 29 years to be parents of Daryl. Parents, and future parents, cherish every moment with your child, the good and the bad ... because the next moment is not promised to you ....'”

Click here to find out how you can donate to Burt's fundraiser.