It was son who found remains of woman killed 23 years ago

Bonnie Haim disappeared in 1993, remains found in 2014; husband arrested

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Remains of a 23-year-old woman found two years ago buried at the home where she lived with her husband when she disappeared in 1993 were found by the couple's now-adult child, News4Jax has learned.

A transcript of a police interview with Bonnie Haim's son, Aaron Fraser, now 26, shows he was the one who alerted police to human remains in 2014. After an extensive search of the property, the remains were identified as Haim's. One year later, her husband, Michael Haim, was arrested and charged with murder.

Fraser sat down for an interview with investigators in June.

Fraser had claimed for years that he witnessed his mother's murder as a young child. In an interview with detectives earlier this year, he told the investigator that his family didn’t believe him and his grandparents told him, “You’re brainwashed. We love you. We care about you. We want to see you.”

Fraser also talked about going back to his childhood home with his brother-in-law to renovate it and finding his mother’s remains buried about 6 inches underneath a concrete slab in the backyard.

He told investigators he found her skull first.

“I had it in my hand," Fraser said. "We looked back in the hole and seen teeth."

Fraser goes on to say, "At that point in time, you could actually see, like, the top of the eye socket. And it was like this part of the head, the top-half of the head. I set it back in the hole."

It wasn't disclosed that Fraser was the one who found the remains until News4Jax obtained Monday the interview through public records. 

Fraser also said in his interview with investigators that he didn't realize  what he had unearthed, at first. He said he thought it was a coconut. 

"I ripped the bag. And I was, like, the words I said to Thad was, like, 'Why would someone bury a coconut in a bag?' It looked like a coconut shell," Fraser said. 

He later realized it was a skull. Testing by authorities later revealed that the skull and body remains were those of Fraser's mother, Bonnie Haim.

Fraser's father, Michael Haim, is out on bail awaiting trial. He's due back in court at the end of October.