TSA brags about making teddy bear homeless


LOS ANGELES – As if the TSA wasn't already despised enough during the mayhem of holiday travel, the government agency outdid itself by making a giant teddy bear homeless.

Agents stationed at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday confiscated a giant teddy bear after saying it was too big to be screened as a carry-on.

They left the stuffed animal in the terminal, sitting alongside a trash can.

The TSA's Instagram account then mocked the giant bear, saying it will now be "strolling the streets of LA" and asking people to please feed him.

No, the bear would not have fit underneath a seat or in an overhead bin, but how about saying he was going to take the next sleigh to Santa's workshop? Or hang with Winnie the Pooh over the holidays? Or anything that would have seemed a little less depressing?