Wedding rings stolen from Crescent Beach include woman's family heirloom

Newlyweds ask for rings to be returned

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – A man and a woman took off their wedding rings and hid them before boogie-boarding at Crescent Beach on Monday, but when they returned, the jewelry was missing.

The newlyweds filed a police report and they’re now making a plea to the public, saying these were not everyday rings. In fact, Maranda Thurston has had one of the rings in her family for more than a century.

The Middleburg couple didn’t give it much thought when they decided to take a swim at the beach earlier this week. But they panicked upon returning and finding out someone had gone through their belongings.

“We got to the water and decided to go boogie-boarding,” Connor Thurston recalled. “(We) put our necklaces and rings into a chair, bundled up with our keys and in my shirt. (We) left it there and didn’t think another thing about it.”

It appears someone opened the balled-up T-shirt and took off with a necklace given to Maranda Thurston by her grandmother, and both of the couple’s wedding rings.

Maranda’s was gifted to her by her mother, who passed away nearly five years ago, according to the couple, and the report filed with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office.

“I’ve tried everything not to lose that -- my mom’s wedding ring,” Maranda Thurston said. “And I just replaced a diamond out of my wedding ring, and it’s just one thing after the other (to) just have it taken.”

The Thurstons looked everywhere, but the jewelry was gone. Maranda Thurston’s rings had been in her family for 150 years. Now, she and her husband are praying someone will come forward.

“I’m hoping whoever has it (can) take it to the authorities or (may) need to pawn it,” Connor Thurston said. “We will pay for whatever we need to do.”

Added Maranda Thurston, “I really, I just want my mom’s ring. Honestly, the other things can be replaced, but that’s one thing that cannot be replaced.”

If you see the rings at a pawn shop, you’re asked to call St. Augustine Beach police. Pawn shops do look out for these types of items, officials said.

People are advised not to bring valuables with them to the beach. It’s not just thieves to worry about, but even the tide could come in and snag your belongings.