Baby pudu born at Jacksonville zoo

Photo by Senior Mammal Keeper Lynde Nunn

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens has an adorable new addition. A male Southern pudu was born on May 31 to mother, Posie, and father, Little Mac.

This is the first fawn for Little Mac and he is proving to be an excellent father, doting on the yet un-named male fawn, keepers said.

Keepers often find him grooming the babe or sleeping next to him.

Posie is also an excellent mother and shares a birthday with the precious little one.

Pudu, the smallest species of deer, are around 15 inches tall when full grown.

The fawn weighed less than two pounds when born and stood less than eight inches tall.

Southern pudu fawns are born with spots, which form strips that will develop into a solid reddish-brown fur as they grow older.

The pudus at the zoo are currently housed in the Wild Florida loop next to the Manatee Critical Care Center. They are naturally shy creatures, with the fawn usually hiding in the exhibit shrubbery.