Family of man killed last month pushing for justice

Investigators believe Keegan Roberts' neighbor shot, killed him

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The family of a 22-year-old killed last month is pushing for justice.

Investigators believe Keegan Roberts' neighbor shot and killed him, but that neighbor hasn't been arrested.

Roberts' family came together Saturday for a rally, hoping to change that.

With the Jacksonville Landing as their backdrop, Roberts' loved ones are hoping to put pressure on police.

"My son had a job at Ducky's Car Wash. He took care of his family. He never bothered anybody. He was always a good friend to everybody," said Cecilia Shepard, the victim's mother.

"He did an amazing job raising my daughter, and my daughter loves him so much, and she is still asking about him and waiting for him to come home," said Eliany Diaz Roberts, the victim's wife.

Roberts' mother and wife are calling for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office to make an arrest.

Police said Roberts got into a heated confrontation with his neighbor before that man pulled a gun and shot him. Still, the neighbor remains a free man.

"I guess it's 'stand your ground.' I guess you can now stand on a sidewalk and fire off shots at people if you feel threatened. He left the safety of his home and came to my son. I have a very passive son. He is non-violent," Shepard said.

It's not clear why police haven't made an arrest, but Roberts' family said they're not giving up hope. His mother is relying on faith.

"He took a good person. He has affected a lot of people's lives and I pray for him every day and I hope everybody else does too," Shepard said.