Hurricane Irma traffic information for Jacksonville

Evacuees flood interstates

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The latest on traffic flow and patterns for major routes in northeast Florida and southeast Georgia during Hurricane Irma.

The Florida Department of Transportation says there are no plans to turn southbound lanes into northbound lanes on I-95 or to turn eastbound lanes into westbound lanes on I-10. 

FDOT has opened the left emergency lane of I-75 northbound to help with evacuation flow in parts of Alachua County and Lake City.

FDOT is also implementing limited emergency shoulder use for evacuations on I-75 at Wildwood to the Georgia State line. Motorists should use only the left shoulder when directed by law enforcement and highway signs.

Contraflow on I-16 will occur Saturday morning at 9am from Savannah to Macon Georgia according to GDOT. All EB lanes will reverse to WB to help with evacuations as well.

I-75 Metro Express Lanes have been reversed. They are all northbound from SR-155 to SR-138 near Atlanta until further notice. Florida Sunpass is accepted in the 12-mile expressway in Georgia.

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Callers to the station said that it was taking 10-15 hours to travel form Miami to Jacksonville on I-95 and on Friday morning, traffic cams showed traffic slowly moving north on I-95 at International Golf Pkwy.