Mark Lamping talks season tickets & post-game celebration


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One of the most asked questions about Sunday's AFC Championship game has been if there would be some type of celebration to welcome the Jaguars home.

Last week, the players were greeted by hundreds of fans at Everbank Field when they brought home the win. It was mostly kept a secret until the mayor made the announcement on Twitter.

In an interview on The Morning Show, Jaguars President Mark Lamping claimed there wouldn’t be a welcome home party on Sunday. 

“At this point, there's nothing. The game hasn't even been played yet. If those things occur, it's usually better if they're spontaneous and nobody wants to take anything for granted. So we'll wait and see what happens on Sunday because if they're fortunate enough to win, there probably will be some discussion on what will happen after the game but it's premature to think about that now,” said Lamping. “It's hard to project ourselves forward. Fans are no different than I am. They can't wait for the game to begin and hope it's a great game and if we're lucky, something really special will happen.”

The City of Jacksonville also says nothing is scheduled right now as far as any possible game celebrations. However, the city says more details will be released.

The excitement for the Jaguars and Sunday’s game also has phones ringing off the hook for season tickets. In fact, the Jaguars are already taking deposits for 2018 season tickets.

“We started taking deposits for next year in December and the response has been through the roof. We have three times as many deposits as we had in all of our off season sales last year,” said Lamping.

According to Amanda Holt, Business Public Relations Strategy Manager for the Jaguars, season ticket holders will receive renewal details from the Jaguars approximately two weeks after the season ends. Existing season ticket members will have priority and the chance to renew their seats first.

“With regard to the season ticket process, fans can put down money and essentially guarantee a spot in line to purchase season tickets for next season when they do go on sale,” said Holt.
After selling to those who have put down a deposit, the tickets would then open up to general fans. 
Season tickets are usually sold for a few months.  Single game tickets don’t go on sale until the actual schedule is released, which will be around mid to late April. 

“Everybody is really excited. I think that excitement has its roots in how thrilled we are for the fans. They’ve been with us through thick and thin... mostly thin. To have this community be able to celebrate and go about themselves- it’s mostly for the fans right now. We couldn't be more excited for them,” said Lamping.


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