Police: Man in plastic bag disguise burglarizes St. Marys GameStop

A suspected burglar looks like the early frontrunner for worst disguise of the year after police said he tried to obscure his face with a bottled water wrapper and then broke into a St. Marys GameStop.

The burglary appears to have happened about 1:19 a.m. April 13 at the GameStop location on Georgia Highway 40, according to a Facebook post by the St. Marys Police Department.

Surveillance video shows the man, who's wearing a black T-shirt and khaki pants in addition to his ingenious disguise, jog around a store display before he disappears from view.

Anyone with information on the man's identity is asked to contact the St. Marys Police Department at (912) 882-4488 or Crime Stoppers at (912) 576-0565.