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How much would you sell your social media data for?

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The recent Facebook privacy scandal has a lot of people worried about security over social media data. 

Consumer information website Security Baron polled 3,000 people to see how much they would charge social media companies to sell their data to advertisers. The study found 1 in 5 Americans would purchase someone else's data. 

The survey also found most Americans would ask for $2,163.15. But the numbers vary by state. Floridians would ask for $2032.89. 

Some people value their data even more. The survey found people in Vermont won't take less than $4,125 for their data. West Virginians would sell their details for just $375.

Click here to find out the price tag for other states: https://securitybaron.com/blog/how-much-would-you-sell-your-social-media-data-for/