Storms fade by early evening, wet weekend on the way

Jacksonville's weather forecast for this weekend looks wet


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The early start to today's afternoon storms means we will dry out this evening as we cool off. We saw impressive rainfall totals with in today's storms, ranging from half of an inch to an inch on top of the inches of rain we've seen since Monday. 

Tonight will be cloudy and mild, only cooling down into the upper 60s. Widespread showers will develop over the Atlantic overnight and may brush our beaches around sunrise, but otherwise dry conditions are expected overnight

Saturday will start out partly cloudy, with building clouds during the mid day. Slightly drier air in our atmosphere makes Saturday the slightly better day of the weekend. Expect 50% chances for showers and storms, firing up around noon and peaking between 3-5p.m. The best place to miss the rain will be in Southeastern Georgia, but we will still see a few showers there as well. 

Sunday more moisture spreads across our area, making for widespread an numerous showers that could start earlier than our typical afternoon storms. Waves of showers push across our area during the day and into the evening hours. 


Our wet weather pattern continues into next week - we may get a break on Thursday, our lowest chances for showers that week at 40%.

Hourly Forecast:
6 pm 81 - 60%
8 pm 79 - 30%
11 pm 74 - 20%​

Sunrise:  6:30 am
Sunset: 8:15 pm


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