Surveillance video catches would be car burglar

Homeowner just installed camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A homeowner who moved to her new house on Joseph Creek in Mandarin was welcomed to the neighborhood by some would be burglars.

Sara Pack tells News4Jax she recently installed a surveillance camera. She says the house she bought had old, non-working ones up and the burglars tried to hide their face around them but didn't realize there were new ones installed.

"Knew what they were doing. They were covering their faces to the old cameras. We got great pictures of them thank goodness. At one point they walked up to our new cameras and realized they had been videoed the whole time," Pack said.

Luckily, the only things stolen from Pack's unlocked truck were DVDs and keys to locks. 

"I had a false sense of security. I live in a nice neighborhood. I should have never left my doors unlocked. I normally lock my cars. We've been so busy unpacking and unloading, total oversight on my part. I know better," Pack said.

Anyone with information on who the two are in the video is urged to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.