Deputies: Man uses 'Hollywood' bill to buy beer, candy bars

Man walks out with $86 in change after paying with fake $100 bill, deputies say

ST. JOHNS COUNTY, Fla. – St. Johns County deputies hope the public can help them identify a man who used a fake $100 bill to buy beer and candy bars this weekend at a Walgreens on State Road 16.

According to an incident report, the man spent $13.58 on an 18-pack of Natural Ice, two Payday candy bars and two Almond Joy candy bars and walked out with $86.42 in change.

But the cashier soon realized the $100 bill the man paid with was fake and read “for motion picture use only” in the areas where it should read “The United States of America.”

Deputies said the “Hollywood money” is printed for movies and TV shows.

The St. Johns County Sheriff's Office released surveillance video of the man, showing him holding the bill up to the light as he talks to the cashier. They said the man drove up to the store in a white van that was captured on video but the license plate isn't visible.


Deputies said the Secret Service is investigating the incident and several others around the area involving the “Hollywood” bills, including one at an Auto Zone near the Walgreens that was reported six weeks ago.

Deputies said a woman also passed a phony $100 bill at an Old Navy store at the Outlet Mall on June 30. She left with about $77 in change.

News4Jax spoke with a worker at the Old Navy who said the bill simply didn't feel like real money. The "Hollywood" bills can also be bought on the internet, and other law enforcement agencies said they can be found at some flea markets.

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