Landing shooting unlikely to impact Florida primary election

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – All five Democrats in the Florida governor's race condemned the mass shooting at the Jacksonville Landing and renewed their call for increased gun control. But the tragedy is not likely to have a major impact on votes in Tuesday's primary as nearly 1.9 million ballots have been cast.

Since the Valentine’s Day shooting in Parkland, every Democrat running to become Florida governor has called for more gun control.

The two Republican candidates have gone the other way, with Ron DeSantis criticizing the legislature for raising the age to buy a long gun.

“There’s really no precedent to just do a blanket ban on certain adults,” said DeSantis on a Fox News appearance. 

GOP Strategist Mac Stipanovich calls the Landing shooting a terrible tragedy, but says it will have no impact on what happens Tuesday.

“In order to get the maximum exploitation, the gun control people need a long gun.They need a so-called assault rifle as the weapon. This was a handgun,” said Stipanovich.

While all five Democrats on Tuesday’s ballot saying they would like to ban assault weapons, none have suggested more control on handguns.

Democrat Gwen Graham did go to a planned event in Jacksonville Monday. 

Republicans Ron DeSantis and Adam Putnam both cancelled events in the city.

The gun reforms group Mom’s Demand Action has developed a “gun sense” rating for candidates. It rates candidates on their willingness to enact what they call "common sense" reforms.