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Disgruntled customer urinates on merchandise, boutique owners say

Regency mall store owners say she disagreed with return policy

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The owners of a Jacksonville boutique say one customer went too far in expressing her disappointment in the store's return policy and urinated on merchandise worth about $200.

Briana and Raisha Miggins, the owners of First and Twelfth Women's Apparel in the Regency Square Mall, said the customer performed the lewd act after she was told she could not get a refund. Raisha Miggins said despite their refund policy being posted in the store, the woman insisted on getting her money back.

"I did an exchange for her, and that's when she was like, 'Well, thank you so much for your help,' and she left," Raisha Miggins said.

The owners said when the woman left the store, they went into the dressing room to clean up the items she tried on.

"I picked up a dress, and it was wet," Raisha Miggins said. "I kind of sniffed around and there was a really strong smell of urine on about four different outfits. When I noticed it, I did close the store temporarily to see if she was still in the mall to possibly discuss what happened. She was no longer in the mall."

Raisha Miggins called police and said the woman could face a charge of criminal mischief. 

News4Jax has requested the incident report from the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. We've chosen to blur the woman's face until it's officially confirmed she was charged with a crime.

The disgruntled customer has not been caught. In the meantime, the owners say they've learned a valuable lesson.

"I think now we are going to stick with our policy," Briana Miggins said. "That's kind of taught us you can't be nice to everybody."