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What are the most-searched political topics ahead of 2018 midterm elections?

Google Trends data reveal what people are searching for leading up to Nov. 6

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Election Day is coming up quickly, and as voters get ready to head to the polls Tuesday, Google is revealing what people are searching for through its Google Trends service.

A dedicated page to the midterm elections is set up on Google Trends, showcasing what people in each state, and in the United States as a whole, are searching for.

"Health care" is one of the highly searched political topics in the U.S., according to Google Trends data. "Immigration," "abortion," "Social Security" and "minimum wage" are some of the other topics mentioned.

Google points out that the search data are "an indication of curiosity in the subject." The company adds that the trends shouldn't be considered an indication of voter intent. Regardless, it's interesting to see what people are searching for related to the election and what questions they may have.

Click here to visit the dedicated Google Trends page, where you can also see what your state is searching for.

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Troy Blevins is a Digital Content Editor who has been with Graham Media Group since 2012.