58 facing drug charges in Brunswick 'Operation Deja Vu'

Drugs including meth, heroin, cocaine also seized, police said

BRUNSWICK, Fla. – A joint operation in Glynn County netted 27 arrests on drug charges, and police are still working to track down 31 other people.

"It is because of this partnership with local, state and federal authorities that we stand here today to announce arrest warrants have been issued for 58 individuals," said Glynn County Police Chief John Powell.

The investigation, referred to as "Operation Deja Vu," began in January and ran until October. During the operation, investigators seized large amounts of meth, heroin, marijuana, cocaine and prescription pills, the Glynn County and Brunswick police departments said. 

$41,000 was also seized, officials said, as were six vehicles and 39 weapons. Some of the suspects were operating near schools and churches.

"This is not going to be our last round up and this is definitely not our first," a narcotics team official said. "When it's drugs out there, we take them off the streets."

Powell asked the remaining 31 suspects to turn themselves in. Some of the suspects were already incarcerated.


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